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377 Could the Imam saab please explain briefly the procedure of performing Ghusl on a deceased , and the objects that are required? Please could I get a response very soon as I may need to perform such a ghusl.
A simple method of Performing Ghusl of the deceased;

A man gives ghusl to a man and a woman to a woman (unless a necessity otherwise), preferable close family or friend should give ghusl to the deceased, it is better to have more then one person so that the ghusl be performed with ease.

Firstly ensure a proper place for performing the Ghusl is selected i.e. flat and wide (preferably raised) and water is available (container to pour water with, if no shower head is available), Spare plain sheet(s) of cloth to cover the body, soap, cotton wool and cotton bud/ ear bud and Ittar (scent (preferable)).

Then undress the deceased, ensure the private area is always kept covered.
Firstly if any impure substance is on the body wipe it clean and then also wipe clean the anal and front passages using a dry material.

Then perform Istinja (washing of the private parts).

Then perform Wuzu; i.e. wash hands, rinse mouth (take care when cleaning the mouth and nose i.e. use a wet ear bud etc), wash face, wash arms then Masah (wiping of the head), at point of Masah lift the head and ensure the underneath the head and neck is wet. Then wash the feet.

Then thoroughly wash the full body (with soap) from the right then left and then the rest of the body (as in a ghusl (compulsory bath)). Ensure that the body is lifted and the back is also washed.

To do the actions thrice is Sunnah and to wash with lot tree leaves and then the third time add camphor is also proven from ahadith.

Then dry the body. Ensure if any fluids are being discharged by the body to cover those passages with cotton, close the eyes and the mouth. And then dress the body in Kafan (shroud).
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