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385 How many children did Hazrete Fatima (R.A) have?
Hazrat e Fatima (R.A) had 5 children.

3 sons (Sayyidonaa Imam Hassan (R.A), Sayyidonaa Imam Hussain (R.A), Sayyidonaa Muhsin (RA)) and

2 daughters. (Sayyiadah Zainab (R.A) and Sayyiadah Umme-Kalthuum (R.A)).

However some Scholars have stated that there were 3 daughters, the last one being Sayyiadah Ruqiyah (R.A)

Sayyidonaa Muhsin (R.A), Sayyiadah Ruqiyah (R.A); passed away in childhood. (Sirat e Mustafa; Hazrat Moulana Abdul Mustafa Azmi; Page 505).
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