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389 Can you please tell me what is the ruling for a woman according to Fiqa Hanafi if her period bleeding continues for 15 days in a row, does she be exempt from ibaadat for the whole period, 10 days, or her normal period cycle i.e. 7 days?
A female could come across three different types of blood discharge.

1. Haiz (period discharge): This varies from person to person, but this is normally minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 10 days.

2. Nifaas (Post natal bleeding after childbirth): This normally lasts for maximum of 40 days.

3. Istikhaaza (Discharge or virginal discharge): This could happen irregularly for a short or long period.

According to Fiqha Hanafi, a woman is free (exempt) from Ibaadat (praying) during both Haiz and Nifaas, but she still has to pray during Istikhaza. If your situation is that the blood is being discharged for 15 days and assuming your normal period cycle is 7 days then after the 7th day you will have to do Ghusl (this is wajib) and then perform your Ibaadat, however you have to perform fresh Istinja and Wuzu prior to every prayer.
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