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390 Madhi (pre-sexual fluid): a white thin fluid that exits when sexually excited but does not accompany an ejaculation. It can often be released without one being aware of it.

If one is sure it is Madhi then is GHUSAL obligatory or not from what I have read according to Fiqh Hanfi it is not obligatory for you to perform GHUSAL, and if the case is that your unsure if it was Madhi or Wadi (a white, cloudy, thick fluid that exits either before or after urinating. It tends to be released if one is constipated or has been carrying a heavy load.) And you know you didn’t have a wet dream GHUSAL again isn’t obligatory for you.
According to Fiqha Hanafi, Mani (which is a fluid released when sexually aroused) breaks (invalidates) the Ghusl, hence Ghusl becoming Wajib (necessary). Madi and Wadi do not break (invalidate) the Ghusl (as you described in your question).

However Madi and Wadi will break Wuzu; therefore a fresh Istinja and Wuzu will need to be performed prior to ibaadat (praying) also if the fluid is on the clothes then the clothes will need to be changed as they would have become unclean (napaak).
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