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410 In question 64 the imam sahib said it is ok to go to Christmas parties. I thought these are pagan rituals, so why are we allowed to celebrate Christmas, but not devaali, or bomb fire night?

Please could you give me evidence on this. I would be very grateful for a prompt response. I do not want to cause tension , instead I want to learn the right Deen, sorry for any trouble.
We suggest you look at the answer to question 64 again.

The questioner asked if they can participate in an invite to dinner by their work. This does not in anyway ask or answer whether we can celebrate Christmas.

However Muslims do not celebrate any rituals of other beliefs and at no point we said it’s permissible for Muslims to celebrate Christmas. Attending an event by its title is not acceptance of its authenticity. Therefore attending is permissible not obligatory so you can do either, if your opinion is that by attending it will be acceptance of the ritual or harmful to Islam then I suggest you do not attend.

Do remember that it is also Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) to accept invitation to dinner. However we must avoid Haraam in completing such Sunnah and this is essential as some converts/ reverts to Islam may have parents from other faith and it could isolate them from family hence attending a ritual of other faith is not sinful. RasoolAllah (S.A.W) advised Sahaba’s (R.A) to “be obedient to parents even if they haven’t embraced Islam, but do not take part in their worships”.

Inshallah if you require further information please feel free to ask as you should not feel any discomfort in asking about Islam to broaden your knowledge. It states in a Hadith of Our Prophet (S.A.W) “Obtain knowledge from Cradle to Grave”
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