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433 Why do we need to have application forms, for there is no point for it, its just stupid? It’s a mosque not a job centre.
Every institution has a system of holding information of its attendee’s, even when one goes to a hotel and pay’s to stay, your personal details are recorded, incase of an emergency.

In our Masjid no application forms are needed to be completed if anyone is visiting or enters to pray. This is house of Allah Azawajal with free and open entrance. However if you attend any of the classes held then its legal requirement for the organisers to get both consent (personal if over 16 years of age or parents if younger) and hold personal information for emergency and to prove that no laws are broken.

The information is also held to review the progress of the class attendee, as it’s an organised teaching class and not a social gathering. This is not carried out as assessment it just a method of keeping and recording information. This is common sense and most logical of procedures, implied in all institutions
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