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436 I have few questions that I would like to ask Imam Saab.

My first question is that can Muslim give or take, heart, liver and kidney, blood and bone marrow to or from Muslims and non-Muslims?

Secondly if a person was dead can his or her family donate his or her, heart, liver and kidney to someone in need?

My third and final question is that, can we say that when I pass way donate my heart, liver and kidney to who ever in need, although I don't know the person who will receive the part is Muslim or not?
There is a difference of opinion between fuqaha (Jurists) on this topic. One group is of the opinion that totally prohibits organs to be donated or taken, of living person or dead.

The other suggests that out of necessity this is allowed as long as the organs are guaranteed to be used and be effective and will not cause harm to the donor and are not sold by the donor. This is better from a Muslim but if in absolute need then it is permissible to take organs even from a non-Muslim.

Majority of the scholars to date are of the opinion that leaving the body to science is against Islamic teaching; as burial of the deceased is must in Islam. The topic is still under research and new opinions of Jurists are coming forth, especially as with scientific development to keep organs alive after death, i.e. the likes of eyes, heart etc.

Most common opinion remains that donation such as blood, bone marrow etc are permissible and other organs can be donated but in optimal necessity and with the guarantee that they will benefit and not be wasted.
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