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441 What I want to ask is that I want to have nikkah with a lady here in Sheffield, both of us are willing and in love for about a year. We are both 34 years old and want to have nikah but do not have any one to attend and be witness for our nikkah.

Can it be arranged at your mosque or anywhere else? and what we need is two witnesses as well who could attend. Also can you recite our nikkah?

We will pay for the expenditures whatever they come up to, please reply. Thank You Allah hafiz.
This is not connected to the “Ask the Imam Facility” of Janathi Message.

Please contact Imam in person after any prayer in the mosque and the procedure will be explained (nikah service is provided by the Gulzare e Habib Masjid) to you and appropriate arrangement can be made.

Once again we will re iterate that please kindly use “Ask the Imam Facility” to seek guidance on you Islamic questions.
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