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462 I have two properties which I have bought. One is the house I live in and the other one is put on rent. Both properties have been purchased on mortgage. All I want the Imam Saab to explain is that as both are on mortgage and I am in debt to my mortgage company, do I have to pay Zakat?

Could you clearly explain this but don't side track the question around the logistics of mortgage, as I am fully aware of this issue.
The income, which you save and that amount stays with you for a period of one whole year then Zakat of 2.5 % is due on that amount.

Zakat is not payable on either property as one is self occupied and the other is not in your possession (the rented property), the rental income from the second property after a year has passed on it will be due for Zakat. However if you are aware of the logistics of mortgages please also try to comply with this rule of Islam. And Allah Azawajal knows best.
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