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465 How may brothers and sister did Imam Hassan (R.A) have, and what where their names?
According to Hafiz ibn Khatir; Imam Hassan Radiallahu Anhu had 13 Brothers and 17 Sisters (Hazrat Ali Radiallhu Anhu had 14 sons and 17 daughters).

The following are known as recorded in works of many past scholars;

Children of Hazrat Fatima (R.A); Blood brothers Hussain and Mohsin (died in infancy, in some opinions); Blood sisters Zainab and Umme Kulthoom (Radiallahu Anhum Ajmaeen).

Hazrat Ali Radiallhu Anhu, did not remarry until after the passing away of Hazarat Fatima Radiallhu Anha. (He Radiallhu Anhu only had her as a wife uptil then).

Step brothers and sisters; Abbas, Jaffar, Abdullah, Usmaan from the wife of Hazrat Ali Umul Baneen they all past away in karbala.

Another wife of Hazrat Ali Laila binte Masood bore Ubaidullah, Abu Bakr, while the wife Asma bint Umais had sons Yahya and Mohammad al Asghar according to alwaqidi Mohammad al Asghar is the son of an Umme Walad.

Umme habiba’s children Umar and Ruqhaiyah, Umme sayeed’s child Ummul Hasan Ramlah al Kubra, Hazrat Ali’s Wife; Daughter of Imra ul Qaise, daughter’s name not mentioned;

Umamah who had son Mohammad al Ausat and Wife Khaula who’s son is Mohammad al Akbar, some other children who’s mothers names are unknown are Umme Hani, Mehmoona, Zainab Assughra, Ramla Assughara, Umme Khulthoolm Assughara, Fatima, Umama, Khadeeja, Ummul Kiraam, Umme Jaffar, Umme Salima, Jumana (Rahmatullah Alai Hi Ajmaeen).

Referenced from Al Bidaayah wal Nihayah; Volume 7.
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