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477 What is the best practice when reciting Salat o Salaam ?

Should you sit or stand. Is there any evidence for either?
When reciting Salat O Salaam, a respectable method should be chosen. It is therefore permissible to do this in any way as the Ayah of the Quran that instructs believers to praise Allah (S.W.T)’s Beloved Messenger (S.A.W) does not specify time and method.

The Sufia Ikram (R.A) recommend that you should read Salat o Salaam whilst in a standing position. The recitor should be in a pure state, in wudu, wear clean clothes, recite in a respectable place i.e. a Masjid or a gathering hall etc.

The Quran says Surely Allah and his Angels shower their blessing on the Nabi (Prophet of Allah – the communicator of hidden news). O you who believe send upon Him (Divine) Blessings and salute Him fully well with best salutation.
(Al-Quran, Surah Al-Ahzab, 56, (Kanzul Imaan P551)).

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