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482 I have been recently married. My parents have lied to me about my husband, when the proposal came, my parents lied to me, in order for me to marry him. I was told that he is a practicing Muslim who prays five times a day and around 25 years in age and a Sunni.

Despite my disapproval my parents agreed, so I got married. I realized on the night of my wedding, he is only 22, who is'’t practicing and his thoughts are in the way of salafis. I am worried please tell me what the Shariah says about this?
If the Nikah, has been performed then the marriage is valid. Please abide by the laws of Shariah and encourage your husband towards Deen.

Inshallah Allah Azawajal will guide him and make life easy for you. Fulfill his rights and duties as a wife and be a practicing Muslim, to guide him rather then to enforce Islam on him. Have patience, anything against Shariah that he asks you to do, you have the right to refuse. Please try to make the marriage work.

May Allah Azawajal forgive and guide us all.
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