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499 I am always getting bad thoughts and I have been reading Athoo billa min shytan nirarajeem bismiallah rehaman ni rahem and its really not helping I have been attending to my Salah (Namaz) but that is not helping either as the bad thoughts have affected my Salah (Namaz) I was hoping you could give me some idea of what to read or what to do?
A person is not responsible for uncontrollable thoughts, they are merely an act of Shaitaan (Devil). In such a situation one can not be held responsible for actions out of control.

Please do keep in company of Muslims and engage in both recitation of Quran Shareef and Zikr, which according to a Hadith takes away the corrosion from our hearts. It is also advisable to recite “La Haw La Wa La Quwata ila Bila Hil Ali Yil Azeem” regularly.
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