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502 Hi, for the last 6 months I have been dating a Muslim boy. I am Zoroastrian and he is Pakistani Muslim. I love him so very much, but when he approached his mother about the idea of him possibly marrying a Non-Muslim girl, the mother did not approve. It is for this reason we had to break up.
Is there any way in convincing the mother that it is ok for us to get married?

My religion does not allow me to pass my religion onto my children and it is for this reason any children we would have would be Muslim. As my love for him is so strong, I would do anything to be with him. I have even suggested that I learn and practice Islam.

He brought light into my life during such dark times and yes it has only been 6 months but those past months have been the best of my life. Out of respect for his mother he has said we cannot be together and I know this decision was very hard for him.

The reason I am writing here is that I need advice on how I could get him to convince his mother that marrying a Non Muslim would not be so bad. I am so upset and all I want is for God to give us a chance...for us both to be happy. We truly found happiness with each other after a long time and now it feels that it has been taken away from us.
According to Islamic teaching you as a Zoroastrian can not wed a Muslim. If you learn, understand and accept Islam whole heartedly and the person wishes to marry you then that would be acceptable. We pray for your guidance.
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