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51 Are you allowed to go to the cinema in Ramadan?
Islamic law does not allow the general entertainment level in current environment of cinemas. Furthermore the content of films, the issue of free mixing of men and women and the drive towards Non-Islamic concepts makes today’s entertainment films Haram.

There is a difference in opinion within the Ulema’s regarding watching of films. Some Ulema’s completely ban the idea of watching films where as other Ulema’s allow the watching of films providing they are within certain boundaries. We believe that films that are knowledge based, children’s non influential or religious based films can be watched but there should be no free mixing and the purpose should be to gain knowledge of Deen or Duniya.

The month of Ramadan is blessed and the more ibadaat you can do is better then to indulge in acts that drive you away from the spiritual level of asking for forgiveness from Allah (S.W.T).
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