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518 I read that there are great benefits for reading Qasidah Burdah Shareef. I have got a copy to read but it’s the translation in English. Will I receive the same benefits as reading it in Arabic?
Qasidah Burdah Shareef is poetry writing by a person deeply in love with our
Holy Prophet (S.A.W). His name was Muhammad ibne Saeed ibne Hammand, commonly known as Sharfuddin Abi Abduallah Al Busairi (R.A).

It is better to read the Arabic version however it is also important to understand what you are reading. The Qasidah is similar to the Naats we read in Urdu relating to the love and High esteem of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

The rewards will be Inshallah be the same.
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