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553 If a food is 'Makhrooh', for example Prawns, we should not eat them because it isn't preferred to do so? Why are some things Makhrooh? What is the basis of Halal and Haram i.e. should we not eat something that doesn't have a backbone?

Or does it drive from the days of old when people just ate anything and Allah (S.W.T) made rules for us so we would know what is clean and not? And what is the reason for this?
Something becomes Haram if it is proven by “Nas-eqatee” i.e. by name it has been mentioned in the Quran and Hadith Mutawatir and something becomes Makhrooh when proven by Khabar Wahid. We have not heard about a backbone being used to identify if something is Halal or Haram.

In the Hanafi Fiqh if something is a fish and not a predatory fish it is Halal. If it cannot be called a fish it is Makhrooh. Crabs, prawns etc are not called fish.

According to the Hanafi Fiqh prawns are Makhrooh so you stay away from them. However some Ulemas disagree on this subject and say that it is allowed. Allah (S.W.T) knows best.
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