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555 My First Child is due, by the will of Allah (S.W.T), in October this year. I understand that we need to do the Aqueeqah (booking a hall, inviting guests round, and inviting a guest imam, food and the Aqueeqah meat) which I have no problem with.

But if by the will of Allah (S.W.T), the child is born during Ramadan, I guess everyone will be busy fasting and if the child is born after Ramadan, everyone has celebrated Eid and will not appreciate the Aqueeqah.

I feel it will be more beneficial spiritually and morally that if I add up all these costs i.e. booking a hall, inviting guess round, inviting a guess imam, food and the Aqueeqah meat and send the equivalent amount in pounds to Sudan or Palestine or any poor regions where the people will appreciate it. How do I proceed?
Aqueeqah is Mustahab (desirable) and it is better to perform it on the seventh day. If it cannot be performed on the seventh day then perform it whenever possible and the Sunnah of Our Beloved (S.A.W) will be fulfilled.

Two goats are sacrificed on the birth of a son and one on the birth of a daughter (Ahmad and Tirmizi). This does not imply preference of a boy over a girl but this is because the Noble Prophet (S.A.W) had done so.

The meat of the Aqueeqah should be given to the poor, friends or relatives, raw or cooked. It can also be served as a meal and all the people invited, in all cases it is allowed.

You mention in your question that you feel it would be beneficial if you sent the equivalent amount of money to a poor country instead. Actually this will not fulfill the Aqueeqah Sunnah as the Aqueeqah is about slaughtering the animal and distribution that meat.

One thing we can suggest you can do is to contact charities already working in these deprived areas and ask them to fulfill the Aqueeqah ritual for you and then distribute the meat to the poor. If the charity takes up the responsibility then it would be ok for you to send the equivalent money to them.
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