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56 Are ladies allowed to go outside with out Hijab and go in front of men?
No, women by Islamic law have to do Hijab before they appear in front of men or go outside the house where they become likely to be seen by men.
The men here are what in Islam we call “Gair Mehram” for a woman.

A Gair Mehram is any man a woman is eligible to marry. A woman in general is allowed to appear before her Mahram’s, that is i.e. her father, brother, husband and so on without Hijab.

The Islamic cover for a woman is to cover herself fully where only her face, hands and feet can be visible (face from forehead to chin excluding ears all hairs should be covered).

The material worn must not be transparent (be easy to see through) neither be tight to reveal the woman’s body shape nor reflect colours that are associated with men.

The Hijab is the top piece covering the head and chest of a woman. While some women wear the Jilbab (long top piece and other wear two piece top and lower garment. The holy Quran “Surah Noor, 4th Rakooh, 3rd Ayah” clearly sets out the rules on how a woman must cover.
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