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563 I met my partner ten years ago. Two years into the relationship he was told him and his family was going to Bangladesh to visit his dying granddad. They lied and once he was there they forced him into an arranged marriage.

His family kept him there for 11 months during this time a child was conceived and we had no contact. He gave up on life and felt he had no choice but to get married and do as his family tell him. The marriage wasn't good his wife treated him very badly.

A month into the marriage her family wanted them to separate because of how badly she treated him however his family wouldn't allow it. He has now been married for eight and a half years but separated for most of that time. We have broken up many, times as we both felt we should do the right thing to please Allah (S.W.T).

We felt we should have no contact and he should try to make his marriage work and if Allah (S.W.T) wants us to be together we will be. We failed each time as we truly love each other so much we couldn't bear to be apart.

What shall we do? Sometimes I feel he should go back to his wife for her sake and for his son but he is so unhappy with her and he loves me so much. He is suffering so much. He is 28 now and feels he has nothing in life. We want to get married and help each other to be good Muslims.

I reverted to Islam two years ago. Are we going to hell? Was staying together the wrong thing to do? She never treated him good. He loves his son very much but doesn't feel that’s enough to stay living such a miserable life. I'm not heartless I feel sorry for her we both live with so much guilt. Is it ok for him to divorce her and marry me?
We are not willing to comment on this issue.

Situations such as these cannot be discussed in an environment of “Ask the Imam”, as these types of situations have to be thoroughly looked into and dealt with in a delicate manner. Giving a verdict on this type of platform is not the answer. What we suggest you should do is go to your nearest Mosque/ Islamic Bureau and seek advice. They will advice you on the Shariah rulings of Marriage and Divorce.
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