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592 Salam Jo Padtai Hain Masjid Mai Fajr Kai Namaz Kai Baad Aur Yaha Juma Kai
Namaz Kai Baad B Padtai Hain, Kay Salam Padna Masjid Mai Loudspeaker Kai Saat Jayes Hain, Aur Koui Daleel Aheeds Ya Phir Quran Mai Ho Tu?

English interpretation:

People in our Masjid read Salat o Salam out loud on the loudspeakers after the Fajr prayer and after Jummah Namaz. Is this allowed and if so can you provide me with any Hadith or the Quran to back up this practice?
Reciting Salat O Salam is not restricted to any time or method. It can be read quietly or out Loud.

Please refer to Questions 5 for further clarification.
Category (Salat us Salam)