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63 If you have been raped can you have an abortion?
No you are not allowed to have an abortion.

This is a complex issue, but the point to understand is that Allah (S.W.T) is creator of life, the method and situation may be wrong and indeed the man doing the rape is punishable but the child has no crime in it.

The view of Islamic law is not to have abortion unless it is harmful to mother to give birth (i.e. she will lose her own life). The reason that a woman became pregnant by being raped does not allow for her to abort the pregnancy.

It is difficult in today’s society to accept this fact as our minds have become servant of our environments rather then the obedience of Allah (S.W.T) and we seek the easiest solution (in our mind) to every problem. There is a difference of opinion amongst Ulemas on this topic.
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