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630 I run a retail store, as my store is small and has no space to wash my legs for wudu in the shop, but can manage to perform other necessities of wudu.

My question is, can I perform wudu by not washing my legs for every Namaz?
It is not a Fard to perform Wudu for each Namaz unless the Wudu has been broken.

Some of the things that break Wudu are:

To pass wind, excrete or pass urine.

For anything to come out of the urinal or anal passage.

For blood or puss to come out and flow from a part of the body.

To vomit (a mouthful), food, water, or mucus.

To sleep in such a way that the joints of the body become loose.

To fall unconscious, to faint or become mentally disabled.

There are 4 Fard in Wudu which have to be performed in order for the Wudu to be valid.

1.) To wash both hands and arms up to and including the elbows.
2.) To wash the whole face (From forehead to chin and from ear to ear).
3.) Performing the Massah (Running wet hands over the head).
4.) Washing both feet up to and including the ankles.

Please note: Before you can start on the Fard it is important that the istinja (cleaning of private parts) is done if required.
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