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635 Ek islami bhai ne apani paheli bivi hayat hone ke bavjud uski ijajat ke bager dusara nikah kar liya ho to kya jaiz hoga?

English Interpretation : An Islamic brother who is married, has gone and married a second woman although his first wife is still alive and he never took permission from his first wife. Is this allowed?
It is not a requirement for the husband to ask for the permission of his first wife to remarry. As in Islam he is allowed to marry up to 4 wives. Having said this it is the duty of the husband to treat both wives equally and fulfill their needs equally.

In the Holy Quran, Surah Un Nisaa (Kanzul Iman Page 109, Section 1 , part of Ayah 3) it states that : marry two, three or four, but if you fear that you cannot do justice (to so many) then marry only one.
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