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660 Mera question hia agar shahor apni biwi se kahe, mian tum ko talaq nahi deta
maghar, Dusari biwi se balon ga main ne payhli biwi ko talaq dey di hai. Kiya iss tarah payhli biwi ko talaq ho jay gi?

Interpretation: If a husband says to his wife that I won’t divorce you, but I will tell my second wife that I have divorced my first wife. Will this constitute to a divorce?
The question as originally written is a bit confusing. It does not make sense to make such a statement unless the intension is to mislead one of the wife(s).

However in light of the interpretation to English it would count as a single divorce. If 3 divorces are given then the Nikah with first wife will end.

We would highly urge people not make a mockery of the marital relationship. This gives rise to many social problems. Misleading any person is a sinful act in itself; it is made even worse when this is attributed towards your life partner.

Divorce itself is the most hated of the permissible things in Islam.
May Allah (S.W.T) guide us to learn and live by Islamic teachings. (Ameen)
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