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712 Is it right for a wife to be negative and create problems if the husband is not in paid employment and he and his wife receive separately there own income from state benefits and the family with children are living comfortably without any financial hardship?
Barakat (blessing) is in earning of hard work.

A Hadith narrates “he who earns with his own hand is friend of Allah (S.W.T)”.
If a person is physically and mentally able then he should work to earn his living, state benefits are not available without a reason. This reason can not be just comfort or lack of interest in work; it is normally inability to work or lack of employment opportunity.

The recommended way would be to work and earn a Halal living rather then depending on state benefits without a justifiable reason. We would advise that the wife should encourage the husband to work rather than to create problems or be negative towards him.
Category (Marriage / Divorce)