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715 I have been friends with a Muslim boy for a long time and over that time we have found happiness with each other. We want to get married however his family is not happy with it. I am from a different ’caste' to him and it is his mother wish for him to marry form Pakistan.

I don’t practice Islam as of yet but I am learning and trying to become a better Muslim. He loves his mother and would do anything to make her happy even if this means he will be unhappy in his marriage. How can I show his mother that I can make her son happy and for her to accept that even I’m from a different part of Pakistan to them we can be happy together?

And if she does not agree am I just meant to give up and walk away even if that means we both will get hurt. Please help.
This has become such a common question that I would like to take this opportunity to express few Islamic teaching to Muslims, male and female alike.

Firstly friendship between Ghair Mehrams (people who are eligible for marriage) is forbidden and is a Sin. One must not only avoid this but seek Allah’s forgiveness from such an act. We need to avoid this social custom of modern society, hence a man and a woman should not form friendships, thereby avoiding the notion of being hurt, or having their feelings hurt.

Just as children are encouraged to adhere to Islamic teachings to make a choice of a life partner, parents should also not enforce decisions on children based on their own agenda. We would advise parents to help children in choosing a life partner who will help them in developing in Deen and encourage prosperous life together.

Islam encourages marriages based on ones piety and practice of the religion. Parent’s involvement is full of blessing and children should fulfill parent’s requests and likewise parents should accommodate children’s choices. This is a two way process based on Islamic teachings.

I make Dua that may Allah (S.W.T) help you resolve your problem according to the teaching of our beloved Religion and make you strong in its practice.

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