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72 I want the solution for my sister problem. She married in 1999, and has a 6 year old child. Due to problems within the relationship the couple split up. After 6 months of separation we found out that her husband has passed away.

My questions to Hafiz Saab is, is it in the kismath of my sister to remarry ? If the answer is yes, then how long will it be before a proposal is put to her? And finally will my nephew who is 6 years old be accepted by her new husband ?

Please I request you to send me the feedback by doing isthikara I am grateful to you. Allah aapkou is kam ka savab aatha fermaye. Ameen Allah hafiz.
Ask the imam service is intended for providing the solutions for peoples Shari Masail. Unfortunately we do not provide istiqara as a service. Please contact other sources such as Qtv Istiqara program.
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