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721 I have got a cat who is about 6 months and I was just wondering if it is allowed to get cats spayed or castrated in Islam?

I have already got her spayed but I’m asking for the future for any other cats I may have. As you may know the operations are so the cats calm down, and cannot conceive kittens or for males make other female cats pregnant.

Is this ok to do?
As long as pets are (i) treated well (ii) are not abused (iii) fed well (iv) do not create a financial burden on the owner (v) do not disturb or poise a threat to the residents of the home and neighbours, then Muslims are permitted to keep them.

It seems that spaying is in many ways showing abuse to the cat and it is certainly acting contrary to what Allah intended for the animal. On this basis, such medical procedures are not encouraged in Islam.

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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