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726 I’m keeping a beard Inshallah. What I wanted to ask was that if you have short back and sides as a haircut is this wrong even if you wear a mosque hat on all the time, Jazakallah.
To cut hair of the head in two parts is not permissible according to Islamic teachings. This is because this may result in following a method (fashion) of the western society, imitation of non Muslims is forbidden in Islam.

The Sunnah method is as follows:

1.) To have Zulfah (long hair)

a) to the earlobe length
b) to neck length or
c) to back length, between the shoulders.

2.) to have Halk (shaven head)
3.) to have Kasr (equal cut, small length hair).

Pray that this answers your question Inshallah. And Allah Azawajal knows best.
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