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729 What is Tijaniyyah Order? What is Durood Fatih?
This Tariqa is believed to originate to Shaikh Sidi Ahmad al Tijani founded in 1781. Darood Fatih Shareef is recited by this order and is a virtuous Darood Shareef.

The English transliteration of it is:-

Allahumma salli ' wa sallim was baarik ala Sayyidina Muhammadil nil-fatihi lima Ughliqa wal khatimi lima sabaqa wan-naa-siril-haqqibil-haqqi wal-hadi ila Sirati-kal-mustaqima sal-lal-lahu 'alayhi wa 'ala alihi wa-ashaabihi haqqa qadrihi wa-miq-da rihil-'azim.

Darood Fatih : Explained in English:-

O God bless our Master Muhammad (pbuh) who opened what had been closed, and who is the Seal of what had gone before, he who makes the Truth Victorious by the Truth, the guide to thy straight path, and bless his household as is the due of his immense position and grandeur.

Please note that we have not come across any specific written information on this order and have relied on http://www.deenislam.co.uk thereby we can not express any further commentary.
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