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730 Whenever I urinate, within 10 minutes afterwards a couple of drops of urine come out but after that no more urine comes out. This happens every time I go to the bathroom! It is very frustrating. After urinating I try to get all the urine out but still some urine comes later. I spend more time trying to get all the urine out then actually praying!

This is especially annoying for the Fajr prayer because when I wake up I have to go pee really bad and I can't wait until after my prayer, So after I go to the bathroom and make wudu, one drop of urine will come out and I lose my wudu before I even get to pray.

Even though I wake up 30 minutes before Fajr finishes, it is sometimes still not enough time to pray. And whenever I am outside of my home and I use the bathroom I can not pray until I get home, because my shorts are dirty. For example my school finishes at 12:30 on Friday and Friday prayer is 12:45, I cannot go straight from school to the masque because I go to the bathroom during school.

Do I have to change my underwear every time urine comes on my shorts?
If so, do I have to clean the part of my body where urine may have gotten on or do I just have to change my underwear? Someone told me that if only a drop of urine comes out you still have your wudu because a drop is less than a penny, is this true? I read on the internet that it is okay to clean your underwear instead of changing them, but how can I clean them? How do I know exactly where in my underwear there is urine? Couldn’t the urine from my underwear rub on to my shorts, thus making my shorts unclean as well?
If this is merely a doubt that causes you to remain in toilet longer, then that is a waswasa (whisper) from shiataan (Devil) and you should just proceed normally. However if it is a problem then we would advise you to make Wudu for every prayer (or every time you start an Ibaadat, (i.e. reading Quran Shareef).

This is classed as an Uzar (limitation) making you Mazoor (indigent), hence the Shariah ruling is that you make your Wudu (irrespective if you release droplets after or during your wudu i.e. this will not beak your wudu) and start your Ibaadat.

When you have finished the Ibaadat your Wudu is considered void. So for the next time you do Ibaadat you have to make a fresh Wudu. Remember Islam does not encourage unnecessary hardship.

You have heard correctly that the droplets should be greater then a dirham (Approximately 50p coin size) to make the clothes impure, hence requiring the underwear and or trouser to be changed. You may find it easier to use tissue paper or sanitary towels to stop the drops going on to your clothes. You must also consult your doctor as this condition could be cured medically.

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