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738 My first question is regarding under shave. What are the limits of removing public hair In Islam? Is it necessary to remove hair from testicles? If hair grows on penis is it necessary to remove?

My second question is that some people say that it is better to have hand practice instead of having Zina. Means when u have strong urge for sex u may have hand practice instead of having Zina.

Please reply according to Islamic law. Thanks in advance
All of our answers are in accordance with Islamic Jurisprudence with Aqaid of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah, in line with the Hanafi School of Thought.

Please refer to Q258 and Q699 as your above mentioned questions have been answered in similar questions previously.

We would request questioner(s) to use our search facility to avoid repeat questions, which wastes valuable time of both Imam Sahib and the Janathi Message team. Jazakallah Kairun Kathira for your co-operation.
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