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740 My question is that when reading the second kalma, I have found that my teacher is missing words, "Wahtha Ho La Shareekala Hoo", why is she missing these words with us? My mum is telling me to recite the kalma with these words but I am confused. Can you please tell me if I am wrong and if there has been a change in the Kalma since my mum has been reading?
Wahtha Ho La Shareekala Hoo is part of the Second Kalma.

The Second Kalma Shareef is as follows :

“Ashahadu ALaa ilaaha illalLahu Wahtha Ho La Shareekala Hoo Wa Ash Hadu Anna Mohammadan Abdu Hoo Wa Rasoolu”.

Meaning: The word of Testimony (Shahaadat - bearing witness) “I testify that (there is) no partner for Him. And I testify that certainly Muhammad (is) His worshipper and His Messenger”.
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