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743 Who was Sayyiduna Rabia Basri (R.A)?
Hazrate Rabia Basri Radi Allahu anha was a Walia (pious personality) of the past. She co-existed in the time of Hazrat Hassan Basri (R.A). Hazrat Rabia Basri (R.A) was born in 714 A.D in Basra (Iraq), where she spent the greater part of her life. Her father already had three daughters, and so she was called Rabia (the fourth).

When Hazrate Rabia Radi Allahu anha was a little older her mother and father died and she was left an orphan. A famine occurred in Basra and the sisters were scattered.

One day an evil-minded man saw her and seized upon her and sold her as a slave for six dirhams and the man who bought her made her work hard. One night her master awoke from sleep and looked down through a window of the house and saw Hazrate Rabia Radi Allahu anha, whose head was bowed in worship, and she was saying: "O my Lord, you know that the desire of my heart is to obey you, and that the light of my eye is in the service of your court. If the master let me rested, I should not cease for one hour from your service, but you have made me subject to a creature."

While she was still praying, her master saw a lamp above her head, suspended without a chain, and the whole house was illuminated by the rays from that light. Hazrate Rabia Radi Allahu anha's master saw that strange sight, became afraid and returned to his own place and sat pondering until day came.

When the day dawned, he called Rabia and spoke kindly to her and set her free. Hazrate Rabia Radi Allahu anha asked for leave to go away; so he gave her leave, and she left that place and journeyed into the desert.

She never married. Once a man desired to marry her. She replied by thanking him for his proposal and said that she has no room in her heart for any other love besides Allah (S.W.T).

Hazrate Rabia Basri Radi Allahu anhu died in 801 CE in Basra (Iraq).
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