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755 I live in an area where there is no Masjids or any Imams religious people etc that I can ask therefore I would be really glad if you could help me. I recently met a guy and I would like to get married to him. He feels the same. We have never met alone etc as I know this is wrong and I do not want to commit any sins so before taking things further and avoiding sins we thought it was best to do istikhara and inshallah if the signs were good then we would get married straightway as we are both at the age of getting married. We both decided to do it and just to make sure I also asked my older brother to do istikhara who mashallah is quite religious.

My brother explained to me, he had a dream. In his dream he could see extremely clear really white fluffy clouds everywhere covering the whole sky. It was so difficult to see any Blue Sky because there were so many white clouds. Very slowly the clouds started to move away from each other and he could see someone approaching. He said it was very difficult to see who it was as the white clouds were everywhere but the face soon started to come closer and he recognised it was my father who passed away 7 years ago. He described my fathers face as white as the clouds and then he saw himself in the dream hugging my father. I did not have any dreams or see any faces or anything at all but as soon as I woke up, all I remember is having a feeling that everything seemed so right, like it was the right thing to do. Like someone had just took all the doubts away overnight and made my mind up for me but I did not have any dreams or anything at all. And I was just really happy. On the other hand the guy I want to marry did not have any signs at all. I’m just really confused and not sure what it means.

Can you please help and tell me what my brother’s dream meant and the way I felt and also because the guy did not get any signs what does this mean? Is it important that the guy gets some sort of signs as well? Please can you get back to me?
Sorry but we have said it numerous times on this website that we do not run an Istikhara program. Please kindly contact someone who provides this facility.
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