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765 I converted to Islam and married a non practicing Muslim man. He hates me wearing Hijab and doesn’t perform Salah. When I tried to involve him he got worse. Sadly in the end I followed him away from Islam. He is now in prison.
I really want to return to the religion I love. Will Allah accept me back into the Deen.
A non practicing Muslim / Muslimah (no matter how sinful) still remains a Muslim/ Muslimah, providing he/ she has not violated any of those commands which takes him/her out of the fold of Islam.

Asking forgiveness from our creator is the best form of repentance. Ensure that you follow and obey the commands of Allah (S.W.T) with sincerity and Inshallah you will find Him merciful.

Please note the following verses in the Holy Quran regarding forgiveness:

1) Surah Nisa (The Woman) 5th Para; 4:110 “And whoso commits crime or indulges in wrongs then prays for the forgiveness of Allah he shall find Allah forgiving merciful.

2) Surah Zoomar (The Small Groups) Para 24; 39:53, “Please declare, “O my
devotees, who have committed excesses against their own selves, be not
despaired of the mercy of Allah.” Surly Allah forgives all the sins. Indeed He
is the most forgiving, the most Merciful.

3) Surah Shoora (The Consultation) Para 25, 42:25, “And it is He Who accepts the repentance from His devotees and pardons the sins and He knows whatever you do. 42:26 “and He answers prayer of those who believe and do righteous deeds and gives them more reward out of His Bounty. And as for the disbelievers there is a severe punishment for them”.

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(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Mubarak)
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