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772 If you are a person who has been bought up to follow another religion and isn’t a Muslim how will they be able to go to heaven? Do they have a chance?
The whole purpose in following a religion is so that you please your creator and
are rewarded with the glad tidings of Paradise, when you pass away and then given life again in the hereafter.

It is very important to research on religion rather than to hereditary accept the religion of your household. Once you have researched, the conclusion will most definitely be that the religion you should be following is the religion of Islam.

All the believers will go to Heaven once they have their actions accounted for.
All the Prophets (A.S), their followers and Ummah (nations till that religion was superseded until Islam) will go to heaven after the Day of Judgment.

In the present times a believer is one who follows the religion of Islam as all other religions have been abrogated and Islam has been chosen as a way of life for mankind by our creator Allah (S.W.T).

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Mubarak)
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