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799 I have been talking with some friends, and there was arguments when it came to the punishment of drug use. Some of my friends said if you take marijuana u become a Kaafir for 40 days. One of my friend said if you drink alcohol you become Kaafir forever.

Can you please tell us the real punishments for drugs and alcohol, e.g. marijuana, cocaine, heroine, alcohol.
Marijuana, cocaine, heroine and alcohol are all Haram in Islam.

When a person consumes any such drugs and intoxicants, then they have committed a grave sin. The only way a person can become a Kaafir by consuming alcohol is if he truly believes that drinking alcohol is permissible in Islam. Such a belief will lead him out of the fold of Islam because he is holding something as permissible that has been proven conclusively forbidden in Islam.

The opinion that ‘consuming marijuana makes a person a Kaafir for forty days’ is absurd, to say the least. What happens after the 40 day period? Does the person’s faith automatically return? Does the person not have to perform Salah during these forty days since he is classified a Kaafir?

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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