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802 Since my teenage I have been taught not to throw the fallen hairs and nails in the bins, but to dispose them off in a river or sea. This is to prevent them from being seen by Ghair Mehram men. Is that the right practice? How is a woman supposed to dispose her hairs and nails?
The jurists state that nails and hairs of the human body should be discarded with respect and dignity, rather than simply throwing them away in bins. Many adhere to the opinion that they should be buried.

The reason for this is because Islam places paramount significance to the sanctity of the human body. We are ordered to respect our bodies and this extends to our nails and hair too.

Also, we are informed that the hairs of the human body perform the remembrance of Allah when they are attached to the human body. It would be disrespectful to then discard the hairs without due thought once they are detached from our bodies.

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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