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831 I have come to know there are several types of people who are considered as Shaheed although they were not killed in the battlefield. Can you please guide me.
A martyr is considered to be that apparent Muslim who is martyred by a sharp instrument in an act of oppression or that person who is found in the battlefield either dead or severely injured and receives no worldly comfort after this incident. The Shariah law applicable to this person is that neither would the body be given a Ghusl, nor will the body be clothed in a shroud. In fact, his Funeral Salaah will be performed with the same clothes he possesses and he will be buried with the same clothes.

This type of Shaheed is known as : Shaheed-e-Fiqhi

In the hereafter, the martyr has a very great status.

There are certain people who are also considered martyrs, yet the above mentioned Shariah manner of burial will not be applicable to them, however, in the hereafter, they will possess the status of a martyr.

Such people are those Muslims who have drowned, been burnt, buried by a wall, a person who dies while in the state of seeking Islamic knowledge, a person who dies while traveling to perform his Fard Hajj, a person who dies while traveling on the path of Allah (S.W.T), a female who dies while in a state of Nifaas (blood during child birth), a person who dies from stomach ailment, plague, rib pain, bloody mouth ailment and a person who dies on Friday etc.

This type of Shaheed is known as : Shaheed-e-Hukmi

(Tafseer-e-Naeemi,by Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan (R.A), V2, P83, Maktaba-e-Islamiyyah – Lahore)

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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