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854 My nephew is only 15 years of age. He can not control his anger (GHUSA).

Due to this my sister is always upset. Could you please tell me any AAYAT of QURAN to calm him down when he becomes angry? He tries to hit his brothers when he becomes angry. We are very upset. Please help and advise us.
In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty describes the pious (Muttaqun) in great detail in Surah Ale Imran. He states,

‘And march forth in the way which leads forth to forgiveness from your Lord, and for paradise which is wide as the skies and earth. It has been prepared for the Muttaqun. Those who spend in prosperity and adversity, who repress anger, and who pardon men. And Allah loves the good-doers.’

Two points are worthy of mention regarding this verse. Firstly, controlling anger is the description of the pious believers, for whom Allah (S.W.T) has created paradise.

Secondly, Allah (S.W.T) did not say ‘those who stop their anger’ but ‘repress their anger’ or keep it under control. In other words, Islam acknowledges that humans by nature all have some anger in them. It cannot be eradicated completely.

Elsewhere in the Qur’an, Allah (S.W.T) praises the Companions who are ‘harsh on the infidels, compassionate between themselves.’ (Surah Fath, verse 29) So anger (in the right cause) can sometimes be good.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) described anger as a fire, and in the way fire is extinguished with water, an angry person should drink water immediately. If he is standing, he should be ordered to sit down. If he is sitting then he should lie down. He should also do Wudhu.

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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