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898 I have a problem which I need further clarification. My normal period time is on average 6 days each month. This month the time has gone past the 6 days mark and it is now reached 11 days I don’t seem to be stopping. In this situation what shall I do with regards to keeping Fast and performing Salah?
If bleeding continues for more than the days of regular habit, you are required to wait for 10 days in Haiz. After this time you will be classified as out of Haiz and in the condition of Istihaazah (illness).

Whilst in Haiz you are not allowed to Fast, Perform Salah, Read the Quran etc, (It is worth noting that once you are out of the state of Haiz, you will have to perform all missed Fard Fasts).

In Istihaazah you are required to perform Salah and keep obligatory Fasts.

As you have mentioned that you have now reached your 11th day in this state, you are therefore required to perform Ghusl, Keep obligatory Fasts of Ramadan and observe Salah. It is important to remember that fresh Wudu for each Salah has to be performed up until you remain in the state of Istihaazah.

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(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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