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901 I want to know (1) if it is Haram to eat, lick or taste sperm for Muslims, and (2) What is Kaffarah or Qaza of masturbation (pass sperm) in Roza (Fasting)?
1. It is a Haraam (grave sin) to eat, lick or taste sperm. This needs to be repented and refrained from.

2. Masturbation in Islam is forbidden. If someone performs this sin and ejaculation takes place, whilst in the state of Fasting then their Fast will break.

When a Fast is intentionally broken, a Kaffarah (Compensation) has to be made. The Kaffarah would include performing 60 Fasts continually for every one broken Fast.

Please also refer to Q704 on the website. (Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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