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919 Is it Haraam to live in a non-Muslim country? What is the general position of the Hanafi's on this? And since I have been born and raised as a Muslim in a non-Muslim country, would it then be Farz on me to move to a Muslim country?
No, it is not Haraam to live in a non Muslim country and this is the position of the Hanafi School.

In categorization the hardest place is Darul Kuffar; this is where a Muslim is abstained and persecuted from practicing Islam and this is almost no where in the world today under freedom of practice of religion.

A Muslim has to practice Halal living and follow Islam which is not bound by the place of residence. Moving to a Muslim country is not a requirement to practice Islam; however the practice of Islam in a Shariah compliant country is easier than in other countries. Likewise if a person chooses to move to an Islamic country to make life easy for them, then this is permissible also.

If we look at the early history of Islam it is apparent that many Muslim’s traveled to non-Muslim countries to invite people to this beautiful religion of Islam and settle in the adopted country.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Halal / Haram)