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923 Moulana Sahib. Bandish ka masala hay bohat arsay say rishtay anay key bawjud tay nahe ho patay meharbani kar key masalay ka hal farmaye.

English Interpretation:

Imam Sahib, problem of bandish (restriction). For a long time despite proposal, no match is being made. Please help solve this problem?
We do not deal with matters of bandish (restriction by magic or otherwise) or Istikhara on this forum.

However a beneficial Wazifa for marriage is to recite “Ya Lateefu” 100 times in state of Wudu. Inshallah Azawajal this will help find a marriage partner.

Please also refer to Question 450 on our website.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Marriage / Divorce)