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931 Is it permissible for a young woman (me) to be studying law? This may seem like an odd question but some of my family members do not agree with it, but it is one of my passions and something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, so would it be ok for me to follow this career path being a female?
It is permissible to study law for a young female as long as the study is performed within the laws of Islamic Shariah, i.e. no free mixing of students. The learning of ilm (knowledge) is encouraged in Islam, but not at sacrifice of any of Islamic practices, which take precedence over the knowledge gained.

As far as career path is concerned, it become more difficult as a female to practice as a lawyer in certain countries as the legal system does not allow separation of the sexes. It would be difficult to avoid contact with Ghair Mehram who may be in position of judges and prosecutors furthermore client’s could also be Ghair Mehram and hence one on one confidential case work may be difficult to perform without breaking Islamic law. But again if Islamic law can be followed or your country of origin has a separated system for women to deal with women’s affairs then law may be practiced by a female. And Allah Azawajal knows best.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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