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933 I am a student and I have lost interest in life. I have interest in nothing. I am failing continuously in all aspects of life. I have thought of committing suicide several times but since its Haraam I didn’t do it. Can you please help me?
Dear brother in Islam, thank you for coming forward and talking to us. Firstly let’s look at it as a favour of Allah Azawajal that he has given us the gift of life. We need to spend this gift in thanking him (S.W.T) and not getting too indulged in the gift itself.

In Iman Mufasil we read : Wal Qadri Khairihi wa sharihi minallahi taalla, that good and bad taqdeer (fate) is from Allah Azawajal. We need to be patient at times that are hard and trying, and be thankful that we are better than many others. Success or failure is in hands of the Creator Almighty (S.W.T) and He (S.W.T) does not punish someone for failing, He (S.W.T) encourages and rewards us for trying.

As you correctly say that suicide is a Haraam act, this also goes further to disapprove the gift that Allah Azawajal has given to us. It is said that a person who commits suicide will experience that same feeling of death until the Day of Judgment over and over again, so you should avoid the Waswasay (whispers) of Shaitan.

We invite you to learn about Islam in detail and try to recite Quran Shareef regularly with translation. If you are close to Sheffield in UK then email us or ring the number on our site, under contacts and we will Inshallah bring you a copy of an English translation of the Holy Quran, or you can alternatively buy one from an Islamic store local to you by the name of Kanzul Iman, by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (R.A). Furthermore you can also spend time in the company of fellow Muslim brothers at the Masjid, attend Islamic Zikr and speeches and spend time learning Islam.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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