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936 I am a roman catholic and wish to become a Muslim. I would like to know as an intellectual disability nurse sometimes I come across clients that can find great comfort by sitting beside them while they say their prayers.

I also worked with people who have suffered strokes and before would have found great comfort and joy by reading their bible and certain passages. As they are unable to move or hold their bibles I will sometimes read passages from their bible is this wrong for me to do now as I want to become a Muslim.
It is very praiseworthy that you wish to revert to Islam. This decision should not be further delayed, as one is not aware of when death will approach.

The knowledge of Islam will help you make choices on how you lead each aspect of life and the wisdom of practicing within the systematic structure of Islamic Shariah (law).

Your described situation is specific and would require further detailed analysis, whereby you would assess the whole scenario of your duties and the best way to perform them based on your gender and job requirements.

We will soon be launching a New Muslim section that you may find of great interest so please keep visiting and if you have any more question then fell free to ask.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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