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967 My mum recently purchased a food item from the local supermarket. We cooked it and although I didn’t have any, my mum and sister both did. My sister didn’t like the taste of the meat in it so we decided to read the ingredients and that’s when we read that the product had red and white wine in it.

They tried the food accidently and defiantly wouldn't have eaten it if they knew it contained wine. They both rinsed their mouths straight away and asked for forgiveness. I want to ask what they should do.
Allah (S.W.T) does not reprimand those who consume forbidden food unintentionally, providing you stop taking it as soon as you are aware that the food if forbidden. If you find out whilst still having some food within the mouth then you are required to remove it immediately and not swallow it. If consumed, you will be sinful. Furthermore wash out the mouth to eliminate any food to remain within the mouth.

As Muslims it is very important that we make all efforts to find out if the food we are about to consume is permissible and not forbidden, before we consume it rather than afterwards.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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